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In 2016, we supported 2,700 trainees


Our people

The business is us

We are the people of Anglo American. We’re the ones inspired to deliver sustainable value that makes a real difference.

We have the values, the skills and the knowledge to drive a successful, responsible company. And by keeping our promises, we continue to build trust with communities, governments, suppliers and everyone whose lives we touch.

Values that make a real difference

Safety, Care and respect, Integrity, Accountability, Collaboration, Innovation

Everything we do is fuelled by our values. We put safety first in everything we do. We show care and respect, demonstrate integrity and have clear accountability. We need collaboration to succeed, and to keep succeeding we need innovation.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a single point of reference for everyone associated with the Anglo American Group – as well as the departure point for a fuller understanding of our ethical policies and procedures.

It sets out ‘how’ we behave to reinforce our values, and ‘what’ we do to help protect Anglo American’s name, and to make a positive difference.

*The Code of Conduct identifies the standards of conduct that Anglo American expects of its directors, employees, contractors, consultants, suppliers, agents and other business partners in order to promote behaviour consistent with our core values. The existence of the Code of Conduct in itself should not be taken as providing any representation or any other assurance that Anglo American complies with any standard or policy specified, although the Code of Conduct is intended to help support compliance. The Code of Conduct does not create any benefit or rights in favour of, and is not enforceable by, any third party.

Making sure everyone is included

We’re proud to be a truly global business that brings together people from all backgrounds. Our commitment to promoting workforce diversity includes extending opportunities to women at all levels across the company, achieving our transformation targets in South Africa, and providing appropriate opportunities for disabled employees.

By the end of 2016, 62% of our managers in South Africa were ‘historically disadvantaged South Africans'.

How much can you achieve?

If you join us, we’ll want you to stay. And that’s what our people tend to do – because we offer safe, meaningful and exciting work, boundless opportunities, competitive pay and real recognition.

Everyone at Anglo American has talent, and we’ll work hard to help you show just how much you can achieve.

There are opportunities for everyone. It could be your chance to pick up basic literacy and numeracy, or gain valuable mining skills. Or, you could be taking part in one of the many programmes we have in place to develop our future leaders.

A fair deal for our people

By joining the UN Global Compact we’ve made a strong commitment to everyone who works for us. You can read our Communication of Progress on the Global Compact website.

In line with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) core conventions, we support and work together with labour unions and we are committed to eliminating discrimination, inhumane treatment, child and forced labour, harassment and intimidation wherever we operate.

About 75% of our permanent workforce is represented by work councils, trade unions or other bodies and agreements, and in the UK, we are an accredited Living Wage employer.

Making a real difference with housing

With housing in short supply, we’re making a real difference to our communities in South Africa by giving our people decent homes to live in.

Since 2008 we’ve been working with the South African Government on a ten-year project to provide 20,000 new homes in the Limpopo and North West provinces.

Across our business units in South Africa, we have invested more than $391 million (ZAR5 billion) on improving the housing and living conditions of our employees.

Real Mining. Real People. Real Difference.