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Responsible sourcing

As a values-driven organisation we have an obligation to a broad range of stakeholders including our employees, communities, customers, business partners and shareholders to ensure that our supplier relationship practices are transparent, fair and able to meet changing societal needs.

The Responsible Sourcing Standard for Suppliers details performance expectations across ‘6 PILLARS’:

  • Labour and Human Rights
  • Safety and Health
  • Wellness
  • Business Integrity and Ethics
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Corporate Citizenship

This provides a collaborative platform for our suppliers aimed at improving workplace safety and conditions – this supports us to jointly minimise risk whilst protecting and upholding fundamental human and environmental rights.

Supplier requirements

In selecting suppliers we will, in conjunction with parallel evaluation criteria, show preference to those suppliers that demonstrate commitment to responsible supply. The steps involved include:

  1. Completion of a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ): Suppliers are required to complete a SAQ - this will support the identification of management processes and controls which demonstrate compliance to legal regulations and responsible sourcing principles. A sample SAQ is available to help you become more familiar with the questions.
  1. Undertake an independent, 3rd Party Verification Audit: On a sample basis, suppliers will be required to conduct an independent responsible sourcing audit at operational facilities.
  1. Remediate and corrective action: Where either the SAQ or verification audits have identified non-compliances, we expect suppliers to develop a remediation plan with realistic timeframes to close-out issues and communicate that plan to Anglo American.

Suppliers must ensure the full implementation of responsible sourcing practices within their organisation as well as the cascading into their supply chain, including agents, contractors and suppliers.

Anglo American is committed to supporting suppliers enhance their understanding and implementation of responsible sourcing practice. We reserve the right to disengage from suppliers who deliberately refuse to comply with legal requirements, the Standard for suppliers, or are unable to provide appropriate evidence of steps undertaken to remediate any non-compliance issues.

Responsible sourcing downloads*


*Documents for download are currently only available in English, we will be updating this site to include other languages in the near future.

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