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Value delivery through collaboration


Our expectations

The standard for doing business

At Anglo American, our commitment to partnership is not a ‘nice to have’ or a result of doing business. It is at the core of our values, it is central to how we think and it is at the heart of how we conduct and talk about our business.

Suppliers are able to use Speak Up, a confidential reporting service to raise concerns about potentially unethical, unlawful or unsafe conduct or practices involving the Group.

Our expectation of all suppliers is to operate safely, responsibly and sustainably in accordance with the policies, codes and standards maintained by Anglo American’s Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Policies, Codes and Standards


*The Code of Conduct identifies the standards of conduct that Anglo American expects of its directors, employees, contractors, consultants, suppliers, agents and other business partners in order to promote behaviour consistent with our core values. The Code should not be taken as providing any representation or any other assurance that Anglo American complies with any standard or policy specified. The Code does not create any benefit or rights in favour of, and is not enforceable by, any third party.

Anglo American has a commitment to safety and sustainable development to ensure we act consistently across the Group in relation to safety, health, social development and the environment. The four 'Way' documents (Occupational Health, Safety, Environment v1v2 and Social) guide how we establish systems for managing these issues at Group, business unit and site level. We expect all existing and prospective suppliers to read these documents and become familiar with them in order to help Anglo American deliver on their commitment and be aligned on the ‘Way’ we do business together.

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