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A child's perspective on staying safe

Imagine sitting at work and receiving a call from your child asking you to stay safe so you make it home. 

A powerful moment, and the reality for a selection of our employees at nickel operations in Niquelândia and Barro Alto. Their children contacted them via radio to remind them to observe the correct rules and regulation, so that they could get home safely.

It was a surprise organised in order to raise awareness among employees and contractors about the importance of accident prevention in the workplace. You can see their reactions in this article's video.

The value of staying safe

Initiatives like the one detailed here are important for Anglo American as safety is a core value.

That's why, this week, we will be celebrating our Global Safety Day 2016, with a focus on the single biggest factor in reducing fatalities across Anglo American: critical controls.

The findings from our loss of life incident investigations show that the lack of understanding of critical controls – those things that are there to keep us alive – and their effective implementation are at the heart of why the incidents occurred. Our control improvement journey therefore remains as important as ever.

Remember, stay safe so you can get home to the ones you love.

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